Ocean Energy LLC - Viable and Efficient Ocean Wave Energy Technology
Ocean Energy LLC’s energy technology (patent pending) is as yet un-published. The concept involves a wave farm power generating facility of the cantilevered buoy type. It is designed to float on the surface of the water and generate energy from ocean waves using the differential between the peaks and troughs of passing waves.
Our technology is new and prototype tests indicate it has great promise. Prototype test results have been independently verified by a mechanical engineer. Click here to see the results.
What will set Ocean Energy LLC's design apart from other technologies will be its ability to transfer the hydro kinetic energy of ocean waves on a large scale at high efficiency factors. 

Our technology is at an early stage in its development. In order to demonstrate that this technology is able to transfer the hydro kinetic energy of ocean waves on a large scale at high efficiency factors we are currently seeking funding to a. perform computer modeling and simulation to optimize the device design then b. build and test a prototype.

Our design’s key features include:
•  It is simple.
•  It can absorb a high percentage of the energy in ocean waves, thereby maximizing energy output and efficiency.
•  It can be built to utility scale and can act as an economical power plant.
•  It is by design highly efficient in that the productive part of the design’s mass is maximized.
•  It can be up sized (or downsized) easily to adjust for the size of the waves.
•  Its construction costs in relation to energy yield make it economically attractive.
•  It automatically self-adjusts for changing wave and ocean conditions, which means that it will withstand storms, massive rogue waves, and tsunamis.
•  It can be deployed near shore or offshore, and in areas far offshore the energy produced can be transformed and transported via cable or eventually fuel cells.
•  It is semi buoyant: It floats like a ship.
•  Construction almost exclusively uses off-the-shelf materials and technology; exotic materials are not needed. 
•  Once constructed and deployed, the plant can be redeployed to a different location.
•  The plant is designed for durability - to last for decades in the harsh ocean environment with minimal maintenance.
•  The plant has the effect of suppressing waves, and also produces the benefit of reducing sand and beach erosion in harbors.
•  It can be scaled down to twelve volts and scaled up to higher voltages for a city or even a vessel.
•  It can be used to desalinate water. 
Ocean wave energy is making breakthroughs that should propel wave energy production toward realizing wave energy as a profitable source of global renewable energy production.

Our team is composed of a broad range of personalities and skill sets. We have all been involved in developing the business and the technology from the beginning.

Pete Seda, Manager

Tom Nelson, Counsel

Tom is a retired attorney. He has expertise in utility law and native american law. He currently does pro-bono civil rights work. Tom acts as an advisor and was involved in the building and testing of our first prototype.
Jonah Smith, Assistant 

Jonah is an engineering student at Portland Community College. Jonah was involved in designing, building and testing our first prototype and contributed much to its success. 

Joseph Smith, Inventor

Joseph is a Sales Associate and plays bass in a rock band. Joseph makes the major decisions with regard to the direction of Ocean Energy LLC and helped to fund, design, build and test our first prototype. 

We have a mechanical engineer and a licensing expert who act as advisers when needed. 

We are actively seeking funding for the next phase of development of this promising emerging wave energy technology. 

We believe in taking a collaborative approach to fostering the development of ocean energy technology.